Build Dynamic REST API Mock Service

Peter Xie
3 min readMay 13, 2021

This is part of the REST API Testing in Python series.

This post will show you how to build a dynamic REST API mock service with magic using Flask before_request decorator.

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The traditional approach of mock service is to build a mock service for each endpoint, and for the same endpoint you need to modify the mock service when you want to test a different scenario, e.g. return an error instead of a successful response, not to mention different mocks for different request methods, i.e. GET, POST, PUT, etc. For instance, you may create a mock service with Postman as follows:

Postman Mocks

Let’s re-think the mock services, what you want to mock is Response Code and Response Body, and you want a special response for each of your test cases. Why not set the expected Response Code and Body in your requests then? Yep, that’s what I am going to demonstrate here.


Use Flask before_request to mock any endpoints and any request methods. Note: This decorator function is called before handling a specific endpoint.
Send the response with the response_code and response_body set in the request headers.

Request Example:

Response-Code: 202
Response-Body: {"code": 0, "message": "all good"}

Response Example:

Status Code: 202
{"code": 0, "message": "all good"}


First, install the required packages as follows.

pip install flask requests

The mock service is just 15 lines of code. Let’s dive into it directly.

The code itself is quite self-explainable, the power of Python 😊. We set the response code to default 200 if it is not set in the request…

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